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Welcome to the Landhaura world of red bricks craftsmanship and long-lasting materials! As top suppliers and manufacturers of red bricks in Roorkee and also deliver the best red bricks in Dehradun, we take pleasure in providing high-quality red bricks that last. Every step of our production process is dedicated to perfection, and as a result, every red brick is produced to exacting standards. Whether starting from scratch or upgrading an old building, you can rely on our experience to deliver you the best red bricks out there in Roorkee, Dehradun, Haridwar, and Mussoorie. See why smart architects and builders alike choose us by browsing our online selection of red bricks today.

Our esteemed firm, Sajal Brick Field, was established by Mr. Subhash Singhal two decades ago. With a remarkable 40 years of personal experience in this field, Mr. Singhal is the founding father of Sajal Brick Field.

Red Bricks Landhaura has gained a strong reputation over the years for delivering high-quality products and outstanding customer service. We utilize cutting-edge equipment and employ skilled workers to ensure that our bricks maintain consis

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Tar Cutting Bricks

Tile Bricks (Tar Cutting)

7000 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Pilla Bricks (Tar Cutting)

3200 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Super Bricks (Tar Cutting)

5200 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Chatka Bricks (Tar Cutting)

5550 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Doyyam Bricks (Tar Cutting)

6300 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Avval Bricks (Tar Cutting)

6800 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Non Tar Cutting Bricks

Avval Bricks (Non Tar Cutting)

6000 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Doyyam Bricks (Non Tar Cutting)

5500 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Super Bricks (Non Tar Cutting)

5200 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Chattka Bricks (Non Tar Cutting)

5500 + 6% GST (P/1000)

Pilla Bricks (Non Tar Cutting)

3000 + 6% GST (P/1000)

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